Misunderstanding caused transport woes: Wangjing EO


<![CDATA[IMPHAL, February 15: The present transport problem is arising due to misunderstanding with some transport organisations and it is agaitst the notification issued by EO of the Wangjing Lamding Nagar Panchayat.

The above statement was uttered by the chairperson of the said Nagar Panchayat, H Gourango and adding that the some transport organisations is trying to defame the office chairperson and EO. He further said that there is mismatching between office record and actual number of transport vehicles plying on the road and the occurrence oftnbsp; road accident itcreases following which the office of the chairperson of the Nagar Panchayat received complaints from general public on this very issue.

Accordingly, a necessary itvestigation was made with the help of transport department and found that 75% of the vehicles plying on the route have no necessary licence from competent authority following which atnouncement had been made through media to recheck their respective vehicles, but no positive response has been received, Gourango said.

In this condition, temporary parking has be allotted to those transport associations that are extending cooperation with the Nagar Panchayat, he said before adding that those still un-responded transport association are itstructed to recheck their registration before February 20, 2014 failing which parking permission will not be allotted to them.

Gourango further said that the Nagar Panchayat has no relationship with L Devkumar who claimed himself as secretary of Wangjing Tata Magic Union adding that no vehicle is allowed to ply on the route without permit from the Nagar Panchayat.



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