MR personnel misbehave with agitating students


IMPHAL, February 11: The inmates of the Manipur University Hostel No.1 has protested against the negligence of the university authorities by burning broken chairs, beds and dry woods inside the campus  around 8.30 am.

While briefing the media, the students said that electricity was not provided sufficiently to the hostel and there is no secondary option for the electricity.

“We have put our complaint to Warden Thambal but he attributed the reason for the irregular electricity to the failure of the Loktak Project.  We then complained to the Dean and the Register for the problem but they didn’t turn up to survey the problems. We were left with no other options but to protest.”

The students told IFP that when they were agitating in front of the hostel gate by burning woods, some personnel of Eight MR came in a Jeep in mufti wearing slippers and plus fours reeking of alcohol but carrying their service rifles.

“An MR personnel pulled the bolt of his rifle aiming  his weapon at the hostel inmates and bragged that even if he were to shoot and kill us it would be of no consequence to him,” one of the students said, under conditions of anonymity.

The students have identified the MR personal as Seikholen Mong Vung Rifleman No. 082010149.

The enraged hostel inmates reacted against the MR personal and tried to burn the jeep. As the students’ reaction grew violent, the personal tried to ran away but some of the hostellers captured the duty commander Ningthoujam Santa Havildar No. 8568.

Soon after the incident, the Dean of the Student Welfare, the Registrar and the University Engineer arrived on the spot and were surrounded by the students who expressed their problems and requested to suspend or terminate the two security persons who drank alcohol during their duty hours. They also complained about the two hostel caretakers, Mani and Kishorejit, who seldom showed up for work.

Aftermath the incident, the university authority has placed a generator inside the campus and the security personal were made to apologise in front of the media persons and hostellers.


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