New Lamka residents still in shock over AR raid


CCPUR, February 13: The people of Vengnuam New Lamka are still in shock and awe after yesterday’s raid at an office of the United People’s Front, a Suspension of Operation signatory group by a team of the 7th Assam Rifles.

The UPF is a signatory of the SoO with the governments.

During a visit to the said camp, some locals came out with complaints regarding the raid.

A local on conditions of anonymity said the raided office of the UPF was only a sub-administrative centre of the outfit and further expressed shock at the raid.

He said, the 7th Assam Rifles team led by its town commander major Kanoor from 27th sector raided the United People’s Front office at New Lamka and had even pointed guns to the children and womenfolk present near the premises of the office.

He expressed that the people at large want peace and what the “Friends of the Hill people” did was terrorised the people of the nearby locality especially the children.

Another local said, the AR men were unable to protect the SBI which lies next to their camp.

He said other than that the fact that the raid yielded nothing proves the excesses of the SF.

Cadres of the outfit present at the raided premises, argued that they are innocent and being signatories of the SoO, they deserved some respect from the army.


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