Chandel Nagas objects CMO appointment


Ruwngthung Hrangbung

CHANDEL, March 29: The Chandel Naga People`s Organisation (CNPO) has said that Birchandra Singh a medical officer who has been recently posted to Chandel as Chief Medical Officer in charge is not suitable to hold the top post by claiming that he (Birchandra) is just a grade -III Officer.

Speaking to media in this regard, general secretary of the said organisation, Robert Lamkang while pointing out that the CMO of a district should be a medical officer of grade-II, alleged the incumbent CMO incharge Birchandra of superseding fellow medical officers who are even senior to him.

Claiming that appointment of Birchandra as CMO incharge of Chandel district when there are suitable officers as bias, the social leader has fervently appealed to the authority concerned to look into the matter and rectify the discrepancy at the earliest.


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