Chaoba vows to restore state`s boundary


IMPHAL, March 26: The election manifesto of the BJP containing 29 points for the outer Manipur parliamentary constituency that include the territorial integrity issue and maintaining the state’s boundary that existed at the time of the Merger Agreement in 1949 was released on Thursday by the president of state unit of the BJP Thounaojam Chaoba at the party’s premises in Nityapat Chuthek.

The president said that the party’s high command has asked to release separate manifestos for all the 543 constituencies in the country, a first of its kind in India.

The manifesto for the inner constituency would be released on March 30 soon after the last date of candidature’s withdrawal. The central high command has already released its manifesto and the contents from every constituency will be taken into account when the party comes to power at the centre.

Good governance, development, social security, territorial integrity and transparency are the main agenda to help bring new hope and new Manipur as per the manifesto of the BJP’s state chapter.

Various hill communities have unique social systems which are not improved by the Congress government. This will improve when BJP comes to power at the centre as well as the state. A separate directorate of Muslims shall be established, the BJP’s state president said. We have 9/10 of Manipur in the hill areas but no government policies, schemes or grant facilities are introduced till date. This is due to the negligence of the government which result in lack of infrastructure in health, drinking water, education, road construction and power supply.

During the last 67 years, people of Manipur haven’t experienced real independence. But BJP ruled states have enjoyed the real taste of independence in the last 10 years, he added.

The Congress has been looting the poor with people failing prey to corruption all these years. Today, the people of India know that a dynasty is ruling our country. So, the need of the hour is to change the government formed by the people as possible only in a democratic country.

BJP has observed that it will get 270 seats and another two seats from Manipur will enable it to gain absolute majority in Parliament. There are 25 parliamentary seats in Northeast India including Sikkim. Congress may hardly get eight seats and the rest will be dispersed between the BJP and other parties, he said.

Talking about the state, BJP will construct a new well planned city because traffic in the present day Imphal city is congested because of its unplanned structure by Congress government. A sports university will be set up so that more international players emerge from the state. Meanwhile, Kongkham Robindro, son of K Manglem of Trinamool Congress, a former candidate at the Mayang Imphal assembly constituency has officially joined the BJP.


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