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Dr. Thingnam Kishan Singh

By Armstrong Chanambam

Dillligent, devoted to duty you really were,
Rhadamanthine, too, even in grave danger.

Talented, offcourse he was, without a shadow of doubt,
Heroic, yes, as his actions speaks for itself.
Integrity – unheard, unseen in ages – was his middle name;
Novel was his ideas and his ways of doing things;
Gallant guardian of the poor folks of Ukhrul,
Nobility was endued in you in abundance.
Affable, he always was, as his friends will vouch for,
Motivational influence he was to his students.

Kleptomanics were wary of his emulous uprightness;
Impediment that he was in their scheme of things.
Spurious reasons they gave for their dastardly act;
Hideous beasts disguised as humans committed that crime.
Abhorrent still is their abominable act,
Nefarious, noxious are those injudicious sickos.

Sincere son of Kangjabi killed in the meadows of Senapati,
Inspirational will be your story for generations to come.
Nonpareil will be your commitment to your call of duty,
Greif both the hills and the plains at losing such a gem,
Heaven is enriched by the presence of such fine a soul.



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