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KSO-SH demands adequate doctors at CHC

KANGPOKPI, March 13: The Kuki Students’ Organization Sadar Hills has submitted a representation to the state chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh pouring down various demands to the state Government today.

The representation signed by the student body chief Thangminlen Kipgen urged the state government to post adequate doctors at the Community Health Centre (CHC) and to reinstate all the powers entitled to addl DC Kangpokpi as well as to rectify the term addl DC Kangpokpi to addl DC Sadar Hills.

Speaking to local media persons at Kangpokpi this evening, Thangminlen Kipgen asserted that currently the Community Health Centre Kangpokpi has only two doctor posted at the centre which account for the sticky functioning of the centre and severe inconveniences meted out to the patients.

The Kangpokpi CHC is the only in existence in Sadar Hills where more than a lakh of people belonging to various communities are settled, added KSO Sadar Hills chief before adding that posting of only two doctors at such health centre clearly signifies the indifferent attitude of the SPF led Manipur state government under the leadership of O Ibobi Singh.

The two doctors posted at CHC has also been facing tremendous hardships due to their tight duty schedule due to inadequate doctors at the centre and the people in general on the other hand have meted out unbearable sufferings due to insufficient doctors to attend to their problems, asserted Thangminlen.

Therefore, it will be very unfortunate on the part of the State Govt. if these problems in the health sector continue furthermore, added KSO Sadar Hills president.

Thangminlen continued that it is very sad and unprivileged to learn that the powers entitled to addl DC Kangpokpi has been cancelled recently due to unreasonable causes which the addl DC had nothing to do with and further urged the state govt.to reinstate all powers entitled earlier to the Addl.DC at the earliest possibility.

The Student body also demands Ibobi led Manipur State Government to rectify the term “addl DC Kangpokpi” to “addl DC Sadar Hills” for the welfare of the people.

While urging the state government to fulfil its demand at the earliest, KSO Sadar Hills warned to launch various forms of democratic agitations against the state government and it will be held responsible for any untoward incident arising out of it.



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