MSF urges state MPs to strive for enacting anti-racist law


IMPHAL, March 4: In a press meet at the office of Manipur Students Federation (MSF), Th Udoi Luwang, advisor to the students’ body, said: “Racism against people from the north-east people has existed for long. MSF condemns the unfortunate phenomenon and the harassment, inhumanity and brutal assault on people from the north-east.”

Informing that after an inspection tour by the president, general secretary and advisor in Delhi from 13th Feb to 2nd March, he said that their investigations have revealed cases of discrimination, racism and the way in which people look differently to North-East people.

He appealed all the MPs from North-east to mount pressure for passing anti- racism law as soon as possible in the country.

“North-East culture should be included as a lesson in the CBSE board and more chapters on North-East culture should be added. The union government should launch a new TV channel for North-East. Our MPs are not making any policy programme for the people. They are not doing anything for the people.”

The advisor to the students’ body also expressed concern about the way in which some parts of the plot belonging to the New Manipur Bhavan at Chanakya Puri were given to North-East Council and to the Mizoram government.

“The MPs gave an appointment to the MSF but no meetings of both the Outer and Inner MP at their residences took place. Manipur Information Centre, MIC, at Connaught Place, Baba Kharak Singh Marg has one Manipuri LDC and two grade four non-Manipuris as its staff. MIC should follow the enrolment norms of the Doner ministry,follow its instructions and appoint Manipuris as proper staff.”

Demanding the state government to put it within 15 days in white paper, the student’s body has given an ultimatum that they will go ahead and initiate action on their own.

It appealed all Manipuri people staying in Delhi to always staye in the safe places and wear proper clothes while travelling.

The MSF advisor also urges all Manipuris staying in Delhi to refrain from such activities like Thabal Chongba that can create problems.


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