NCP joins hand with Left and Secular Alliance


IMPHAL, March 13: Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) national leader Devi Prasad Tripathi will campaign for the party in Manipur for the upcoming 16th Lok Sabha Elections. NCP candidate will get support from Left and Secular Alliance in the outer constituency Lok Sabha Election.

L. Ibomcha, president of the party said during a press meet held at the residence of Chungkhokai Dongel, Outer candidate of NCP for the upcoming Election 2014.

In reciprocation, NCP will support Dr Nara in the Inner Parliamentary Election. Though the party is not in the Third Front in the center, the party would oppose both Congress and BJP, he added.

He further mentioned that NCP had already started its election campaign since one year back. The NCP is committed to solve local issues, he asserted.

The state leader asserted that the party is totally against the Alternative Arrangement demand of the United Naga Council, and will include the removal of AFSPA , border issue among others in the party’s manifesto with the consent of the national leaders of the party.

Meanwhile, according to the NNN L. Ibomcha had said that the decisiion to support Manipur Inner Parliamentary constituency candidate Dr. M. Nara of the CPI was taken after an NCP executive committee meeting held at the residence of Outer Parliamentary constituency candidate, C. Doungel located at New Checkon.

Further according to the NNN, C. Doungel, said that his objective would be to uproot poverty taking into account the vast difference which exists between the few rich and the poor and to deliver justice regarding rule of law. He has also laid the integrity of the hills and the valley of the state in his agenda as a candidate for the Outer Parliamentary constituency.


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