Women are more vulnerable in conflict areas: WAD


IMPHAL, March 3: The present law and order conflict is due to armed conflict and pitfall is that the women of conflict zone bear the brunt more than their male counterparts, according to secretary of Women Action Development, M Sobita.

She was speaking as a resource person at a one day discussion program at Sungreiphai village, Senapati district entitled “International Humanitarian Law and Crime Against Women,” . the program was jointly organized by All Tribal Womens  Organization, Womens Upliftmen Federation of Senapati district and North East Dialogue Forum. She further said that in a conflict zone the oppressive army always use violence against women in the form of physical assault including rape.

Furter, under the purview of AFSPA, the security personnel deployed in the State always get off freely after perpetrating certain atrocities against the public due to the empowerment provided to them.

The main problem encountered by the victims beside the humiliation is the stigma and discrimination from various sections inclusive of family and locality.  

The crime is still continued today and the main threat on the victims are the intimidations from the perpetrator of the crime which target the family member s of the victim.

Editor of “Manipur This Week” A Mobi said that the security personnel who are from other parts of the nation has the preconceived notion that we are all enemies of the state and further reflects their violence in many forms.

The brunt is borne especially by the public and this sanction for brutality is provide under APSPA, he said.

Executive director of Human Rights Alert , Babloo Loitongbam also spoke on the crimes perpetrated by the secure personnel on the civilian populace.

The discussion adopted various resolve inclusive of setting up of a Special Investigative Team to further expedite the pending cases of crimes against women perpetrated in the State and to book the accused security personnel among other resolves.


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