Festival of Pukhrambam Shamu’s plays inaugurated


IMPHAL, May 29: “Expressions,” a festival of plays by Pukhrambam Shamu which will continue upto June 4, 2014 was inaugurated today. The festival was organized by Elite Group of Performing Artist in support of the Department of Art and Culture, Manipur.

Pukhrambam Shamu was a renowned artist worked for the development of plays in the state and survived about 38 years from 1942 to 1980.

Speaking at the function, Works minister, Dr Kh Ratankumar said that during his lifetime, Pukhrambam Shamu have written many worthy plays.

During his lifetime, the status of theatre was unpopular as compared with other states of the country, but digesting the play and style of other states and other countries, he had tried to transcend the status of plays of Manipur, Ratankumar added.

He further continued that his devotion made by him was so immense and the younger generation who works in the field of art should imitate him.

Dr Kh Ratankumar further said that due to the existence of such profound artists who worked in the field of arts, the people of the state are known in other states of the country and also abroad.

He also said that the younger generation must work hard and should follow footsteps of the well-known artists.



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