Magna Carta Is Long Gone


By M.C. Linthoingambee

When one King rules for a long period of time, things never change in which scenario, adapting to a new change or situation might take a little longer to adjust to. In the context of India, the votes are finally in and the ‘voted for change’ mantra seems to have worked. This is what democracy is: it guarantees and goes with the principle of: “One person, one vote”. Democracy stands for government of the people, by the people, for the people. In a more progressive outburst, we grow a little towards that generosity of law and order. There are no winners or losers in the game of elections whereas it is just the by standing luck of one leader over the other on different terms of governance. When we run towards a race there is always someone waiting at the finish line and so the stronghold of the NDA government shall wait for this country to reach towards the goal of completing and reaching the finish line. And in this year we have Narendra Modi’s famous phrase, “Har Har Modi” finally and slowly making its way and opening a new door by making new precedents to the long term politics that was played over the years. Who is going to rule this time? It’s no longer a puzzle with Narendra Modi set to become the next Prime Minister of the country with a large take on the number of majority vote fro the NDA. A large number of people remained glued to their TV sets and the online constant updates that followed in the internet. The countdown of the largest Lok Sabha elections in its central and state elections was strongly awaited for. So, I guess this time Bharitya Janata Party (BJP) did get reimbursed in their political stint whilst securing the strongest votes and strongly defeating the likes of the Indian National Congress. This time the NDA will take the throne at the centre and make UPA leave the chair. It is perhaps the will of the people.

The general population has even taken to the streets to celebrate while some others hope that the changes which shall be bought at the ruling time does not change much and add more to their poverty. India is one of the second most populated country in the world where agriculture still serves as the huge income earner and the number of slums that have been so far existing had not come to an end even with industries being built more and more over the years. Where there are industries and tall buildings even in the capital region of Delhi, we still see slums round the corner if we walk or turn away a few miles from those places. With the ruling under prevailing laws which prohibits smoking in public places there are still a number of people smoking away near dhabas. Although it is not a blame game we are all second hand smokers either somewhere or somehow. Can we expect this government also to make stringent policy regarding public smoking making it mandatory for smokers to smoke in a contained space and perhaps this time in reality? And to add more to that, I have my friends complaining of having seated next to a drunken passenger on the train and for many of the girls travelling alone perhaps the coaches should be strictly monitored under such consideration. Will all of these come under the political agenda of the newly established government or will we still go on with the same attitude? All we have to do is still keep our fingers crossed and hope that they might. We are a country heavily armed with the likes of poverty, worry for women’s safety, hunger, women and child trafficking, human rights violation, unemployment, etc. While we pray to be safely tucked away with peace there are always a number of communal related violence occurring here and there in the several parts of the country and ever so recently the clashes in Muzaffarnagar and Assam plays a main role in a general and overlying depiction. Will all these change with the new government?

We all know of Gujarat’s running development towards a new world. Mr. Modi has done his part of setting the political game straight by securing that the state as an example of his undeniable leadership and the remarkable achievements which he hopes for the country. And it seems the country is waiting for him to make the magic work by casting the same spell for the rest of the India. When fate has been put to a particular person the citizens get crushed on believe if that person leaves his chair before the end of a certain term which we have learnt from the mistakes of the Aam Admi Party’s downplay in the Delhi Governance. The fundamental rights are better affixciated by a truly and effective executive and this result just might be the running victory. Where do all these put Manipur? A state with a majority wins for the Congress. Maybe it will make a huge difference or things might still remain the same. We are a small state in the far corner of the north-east with a large viability and booming with a chance to tackle the newborn Asian Markets and business may just serve to be the long awaited change. All these need a kick and head start because nothing can function without the head of the state granting its approval. And maybe this time we can achieve the A-Okay remark with the new leaders.


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