ATSUM objects to bidding process of PMGSY projects


Imphal, June 14: The All Tribal Student’s Union, Manipur has stated that if NRRDA allows tenders in subsidised rates for the phase-IX of PMGSY in the state then the call for quality control of PMGSY projects is bogus.

Briefing the media in a press meet at the premises of the ATSUM office in Nagaram, its Publicity Secretary Micah Kamei said that irrespective of the agency adopting separate bidding guidelines or not; Manipur is also bound to follow the Standard Bidding Documents (SBD) prescribed by NRRDA for all the tenders.

Hence, adopting a separate SBD other than the one prescribed by NRRDA is a complete violation of its own guidelines, he added.

He asked despite MSRRDA deciding the minimum bid amount by the contractors why the permits were handed out in subsidised rates, adding that if the SBD under NRRDA is allowed at subsidised rates then the three tier system of quality control mechanism for PMGSY works is bogus.

Taking into consideration the substantial amount of legal and illegal taxes which come to a total of 54.59 percent, there is no possibility of executing the works in the hill areas even if quality control mechanism is initiated, Micah said.

He said whatever the case may be executing PMGSY at subsidised rates will not be allowed in the Hill areas, adding that even if these things become in vogue it is possible only in paper works.

“If only the paper works are accepted as the norm in Manipur, rural connectivity in the hill areas will remain a farfetched dream. It will be a defeat of the objectives of the flagship programme of the government.”

Taking into consideration the welfare and benefits of the people, the students’ body urges the government to nullify the IX phase and seek fresh tenders,” Micah said.



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