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DSO gifted Sareng with grenade inside

IMPHAL June 13: A Chinese made hand grenade was found inside a Sareng (Wallago attu) presented to family members of district supply officer, (DSO) Consumers Affairs, Food and Public distribution (CAF&PD), Thoubal at Wangkhei Ningthem Pukri Mapal under Porompat Police Station today.

According to the family of the DSO Laitongjam Somorendra, 60, son of (L) Babu of Wangkhei Ningthem Pukri Mapal, three persons came around 4pm and left the fish along with a mobile phone number.

The unidentified persons also asked the family members to give the fish, which weigh around 4kg to the DSO, they said.

However, unaware of any bad intention, the family members had started cutting up the fish for cooking, when they found a hard object which turned out to be the hand grenade, they said.

The bomb was later safely retrieved by a team of the concerned police around 4.30.

Police have lodged a case regarding the incident.

On the other hand, a rusted hand grenade was recovered from the residence of Kangabam Gopal of Lamdeng Khounou under Lamshang police station at around 3 pm today.

The bomb was reportedly recovered while digging the kitchen garden of Gopal’s residence.

Later police retrieved the bomb and safely detonated at a nearby paddy field of Lamdeng at around 4.30 pm.




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