“Ibudhou Marjing complex has huge tourism potential”


IMPHAL, June 1: “The Ibudhou Marjing complex has huge tourism potential and could be turned into an attractive tourist spot of the State. We dream of becoming a tourist destination in the future, for which the required infrastructure will be set up in the surrounding areas though without affecting any agricultural land,” said Heignang MLA Nongthonmbam Biren today.

The MLA was speaking after inaugurating three community halls and a waiting shed this morning in his constituency.

Continuing his address, the local MLA said he had observed on his way to the site some individuals digging earth along the Heingang-Pangei road and taking off the erected fencing pillars of the Pony sanctuary.

He warned the individuals and anybody involved that in case the pillars are not returned to its proper place within two days, he will file a lawsuit against them.

Disturbing such developmental work is unfortunate, he asserted.

The individuals had removed the fencing pillars of the Pony Sanctuary Park located at the foothills of Ibudhou Marjing range.

“The Chief Minister will take such disturbances to developmental works very seriously,” he observed.

Speaking of developmental works in the area, he said the newly developed road connecting Heingang with Pangei will be black topped soon and it will be developed into a double lane.

Agricultural land should not be used for other purposes, he said.

Reassuring the people, he said they should not worry much, as for developing tourism in the area, they can utilise nature’s gift to Heingang.

He said he is against constructing community halls on playgrounds, but such halls need to be constructed for the benefits of the public.

“We, Meiteis have no place to gather and discuss the progress in the society,” he said.

People should utilise the community halls in a befitting manner and not only as a hall for local ritual ceremonies, he said before adding it could also act as a playground for the children.

The newly constructed bridge near the old one connecting Achanbigei and Heingang will be inaugurated soon, he said.

Today’s function was organised by the Heingang Development Congress Co-ordination Committee.



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