Naga areas bandh from June 16


IMPHAL, June 10: The United Naga Council has said in a press release that a 48 hour bandh will be observed from June 16 to June 18 at all Naga areas.

The United Naga Council has stated that the Government of Manipur has issued an office memorandum dated 6th January 2014 in its Gazette for establishment of “Village Development Committee” (VDC) in each village in the name of development instead of amending the Village Authority Act of 1956 and empowering their traditional institutions which has been the long standing demand of the tribal. The VDCs are to be chosen by the general body of the village but without the involvement nor endorsement of the village council/village authority, the ultimate traditional authority of the village instead of strengthening the village council/village authority, a parallel body with development function is to be put in place.

The village which is the primary polity of the tribal is being pushed into a conflict and division situation. This is a move to destroy the village republic system of the Nagas and the tribal, it said.

The 48-hour bandh will be observed in all Naga areas w.e.f the midnight of June 16 and till midnight of June 18.

However, medical services, fire-brigade, media, power and telecommunication departments will be exempted from the purview of the total bandh.



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