Rifts in the state Trinamool Congress come to fore


IMPHAL, June 3: Trinamool Congress legislators must respond to show cause notices for defying high command’s instructions and will be expelled from the party if their response is not satisfactory.

This was stated by newly elected Trinamool Congress president, Andro MLA Thounaojam Shyamkumar.

Speaking in his reception ceremony as the new president of the Manipur Pradesh TMC at his quarter, Shyamkuamr said he was elected as the president by the party high command the day before after the completion of adhoc period of former president Kim Gangte.

The decision of the high command may be explained by the recent defeat at the LS polls in both the outer and inner constituency seats of Manipur, he said, adding that now after his appointment as president the structure of Manipur Pradesh Trinamool Congress will be corrected from the grass-roots to the upper level for good performance in the general elections in 2017.

“Strengthening the grass-roots is to strengthen the party, so TMC will emphasise on health, food security, human resource etc. We will work out a smooth way in adjusting with both the central and state government for public good,” he said.

He added that the active workers of the Trinamool party will prepare for general elections in both the hill and valley assembly constituencies for a good result in the election.

“There is a difference of opinion within the party. So, all the five MLAs will meet soon to discuss the matter and bring a concrete solution. As the fourth largest political party in the nation, we are bound by rules and regulations, and party’s ideology. The party is unlike a local party and every member has to take every step with proper thought,” he said.

He said that those Trinamool Congress MLAs who are moving randomly and voicing propagandas will be made to understand after a negotiation as per instructions from the high command.

They will have to explain their every movement during the last LS polls, appropriate actions will be taken against them if they fail to provide explanations and if necessary they will be expelled from the party, Shyamkumar said.

Responding to questions from the media about the formation of a rival state Trinamool Congress by MLA Joykishan led group, he said he hasn’t received any such notice from them or the Speaker on such a formation. As per the Indian constitution, newly formed political parties need to notify to the speaker of state assembly and Election Commission of India.

Till now, there is no such official latter received from the speaker and ECI on their newly formed party which they should according to the Article 10, he said.

Meanwhile, the Thangmeiband MLA Khumukcham Joykishan led Manipur Pradesh Trinamool Congress has clarified on the confusion being created about the president and other office bearers on Tuesday in the office of Hiyanglam MLA O Lukhoi at Babupara.

Khumukcham Joykishan said he has been elected president of the party by the majority of active party workers and MLAs recently, adding that a fact Andro MLA Shyamkumar disclose himself at the same place on Tuesday.

“Yesterday, Thounaojam Shyamkumar claimed that he was appointed as the new president through a fax signed by the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) general secretary Derek O’Brein and declared himself as the new president. The fax has not been sent to other office bearers of the Trinamool Congress in the state,” Joykishan said.

Joykishan said that the Manipur Pradesh Trinamool Congress is now a state party recently recognised by the ECI through a notification, number 56/2014/PPS-II date March 10, 2014, and is also included in the state gazette and waits for notification only.

“The dictatorship of the national party will not be tolerated any more. The state unit is ready to sever ties with AITC if they don’t change their arrogant and overbearing attitude soon,” he said.

Appealing all the concerned Trinamool Congress workers to refrain from spreading wrong stories as it will cause problem in the smooth operation of the party, he said such anti-party actions might lead to unwarranted consequences in the future.

Thongju MLA Th Bishwajit said that those making anti-party allegations must make clarification under a short notice through the media, adding that a general meeting will soon decide the matter of the new party president.

He also added that former president Kim Gangte also has extended support to them over phone.



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