Families join CAF & PD labourers’ agitation


IMPHAL, July 28: Family members of the agitating labourers of the Consumer Affairs Food & Public Distribution (CAF &PD) joined in the movement seeking a raised in the labourer’s wages today.

Several family members of the labourers, who were mostly woman gathered around 9.30am at Sanjenthong area and tried to approach the CAF & PD minister M Oken’s official quarter.

However, a strong team of the Imphal East cdo led by inspector Achouba and another team of Porompat police led by OC Chandrakumar blocked the family members.

However, furious over the police action, the protestors who were already carrying household utensils threw the utensils towards the police.

The police managed to control the protestors only after the arrival of woman police.


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