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Govt warned to implement ILP by Aug 9

IMPHAL, July 8: The United People Struggle Committee, UPSC, in a press release warned the Manipur government of severe agitations by the people if it is not able to have the Inner Line Permit system introduced in Manipur by August 9, the day marked as the World Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

The release said the demand has been spearheaded by various civil society organizations in the state for long, and on two occasions, the Manipur Assembly had passed a resolution to have the ILP implemented in Manipur. Yet, with the Centre turning a deaf ear, nothing has happened to resolve the matter so far.

To pursue the matter further, the UPSC release said if the government remains silent on the ILP issue and does nothing about it by August 9, the organization would depute 50 women leaders from the state to New Delhi and hold agitations there.

It further said, the mothers of Manipur, have never failed the state in its times of dire needs through history, and they are not ready to forsake their children at this crucial times, when the indigenous populations of the state are on the verge of being swamped out of existence by an ever growing torrent of immigrations from outside.




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