House passes six demands


Imphal,July 25: Court directive is awaited for compensation of the land owners affected by Loktak Project, as the case is in the Guwahati High Court said Chief Minister O Ibobi in the Assembly today.

He said that the Loktak Hydro Electric Project was taken up in 1983 under National Hydro Project Policy. In 1994, a case was filed at Guwahati High Court by the land owner affected by the project.

He further said that in 1999 the Guwahati High Court had directed to constitute a committee of expert to investigate on the matter. As per the court’s directive, in December 22, 1999 the said committee was formed presided by the Commissioner of Revenue, Government of Manipur with 11 member committee.

Unfortunately, before submission of the report by the committee, another group of land owners had filed a cased on the same matter. Later, on April 18, 2006 the report was submitted to the court. It recommended that the compensation must be paid by the user agency of the Loktak Hydro Electric Project that is the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation. But till now the court has not directed any further notification or order to the state regarding the matter, added the CM.

He also clarified the Cut motion of L Ibomcha for Installation of a search light in the Keishampat Junction area; he said that government is taking initiative on the matter.

Later, the House passed Rs 581,74,39,000 for six demands including Labour & Employment, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary including Dairy Farming, Power, Social Welfare Department, Tourism, Relief and Disaster Management.

In the another demand discussion on Social Welfare, MLA L Ibomcha suggested to consider on the search cum selection committee for recommendation of person for appointment to the post of the Commissioner for the state Commission for person with disabilities. The concern Minister Mirabai said that the suggestion will be considered.

Demand No.48 on Relief and Disaster Management, Demand No. 18 on Animal Husbandry and Veterinary including Dairy Farming and Demand No 13 Labour & Employment were passed without any debate in the House today.


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