National Human Rights Commission directs State Home Dept to submit prison suicides report


IMPHAL, July 8:The National Human Rights Commission has directed the State Home departments of eight States including Manipur to submit interim reports on suicide in prison-prevention programmes.

The State Home Department received the directive related with the programme on prevention of suicides in prison from the National Human Rights Commission on June 20.

As per the directive from the NHRC, the State Home Department has to furnish the requisite report and action taken report from Additional Director General of Prison, Manipur at the latest by July 15.

The source further said the NHRC has informed the Chief Secretary of Manipur that the commission, in its proceedings on August 12, 2013, directed the Government to follow the monograph on “suicide in prison-prevention programme” along with other statistics prepared by the Investigative Division of the Commission to all the States and UTs for an action taken report.

In pursuant to the directions of the commission, reports have been received only from some States and UTs and therefore, the commission vide its proceedings on January 6 directed reminders be sent to the seven States/UTs which have not submitted the report

Eight more States have submitted only interim reports to the Commission.

It is reported that no response or report were forthcoming from some North-eastern States.

Manipur, Nagaland and Meghalaya are among these States which have failed to respond to the directive of the NHRC.



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