Please fool the public


The State now witnesses a number of protests as usual in the month of June/ July, this time in the calendar has a penchant for attracting a number of problematic issues ranging from NSCN (IM) demand for a greater Nagalim, the Khwairamband bazar incident etc.

The state has witnessed a lull in the amount of crime perpetrated especially in regard to violation of human rights issues. Now, the recent cold blooded murder of ADC member Ngalangzar Malue was the latest incident, an insurgent organization perpetrated the crime, according to deputy chief minister. Though, the NSCN (IM) denied the crime, the matter was highlighted in the ongoing Assembly sessions, Gaikhangam had again said that the organization was involved in more than 400 crimes which occurred here. This is indeed a staggering figure when the state government had priorly dismissed NSCN (IM) operations or camps being set up within the territory of the state. This fact is challenged from the insurgents that they have been operating here and the ceasefire is without territorial limits, this was made crystal clear by NSCN Cease Fire Monitoring Cell convenor, Kraibo Chawang. At the same time, the Government of India’s Cease Fire Monitoring Group (CFMG)
chairman , Lieutenant General (Rtd) NK Singh had stated that Manipur did not come under his jurisdiction.

It was just last month that the Supreme Court awarded a lifetime imprisonment to the NSCN (IM) cadre for the murder of Thingnam Kishan, Token and Rajen. Now, which side are we to believe about the extension of the ceasefire? Who is taking the Manipuri population for a ride ?

Another surprising thing is that, according to media reports, the residents of Ukhrul district are more interested in removal of security personnel deployed there in the aftermath of ADC member murder rather than seeking justice for him. An ‘elected’ person, who was mercilessly mowed down when going to visit his ailing mother. The indifference coupled with the silence shown to him is somewhat deafening!

In the valley, the student bodies are in a stand-off with the police over the Inner Line Permit issue of whether ‘Indians’ should be allowed to enter Manipur freely or with a ‘visa’. The last few days have witnessed several agitations amongst them as the students tried to storm the Assembly sessions. As a quick solution, the government decides to ‘impose’ holidays on all educational institutes till the end of the Assembly sittings. One may say that the Ibobi government certainly knows how to handle a crisis, of deflating a tense pressurizing situation. However, it may be mentioned that Ibobi Singh himself had stated on the Assembly floor in 2009 during the Khwairamband Bazar episode of Rabina and Sanjit, that “Right to education is more important than the right to life.” Well! We all know what people say about politicians and what can be expected from most of them.

The recently deployed fresh off the training school MPS officers and the recently transferred police inspectors were so capable that they could not handle a protest by students at DM College without resorting to violence and taking nearly half a day to do it. A ‘chocolate’ cop even dropped his service weapon while being showered with stones from the angry students. This shows that the Home department is obviously lacking in mob control tactics and acting more like the military junta of Myanmar, clearly defines the lack of discipline, training, corruption laden and becoming more of a ‘vagabond force.’ What more to be expected when the applicants supposedly doles out millions to earn the post of a sub-inspector.

The point here is that, things may not appear what they seem and there may be more than what meets the eye. Is the opinion suggested by civil organizations, the authentic opinion of the populace or is the truth shrouded in a spiral of silence. The people have been living in a zombic state of fear of reprisal from various quarters. It is a question of whether the people do not want the murderers of Ngalangzar Malue to be brought to justice, is the ILP issue the real bone of contention when the NSCN convenor , Kraibo Chawang says that the cease fire agreement is without territorial limits. Then, would it mean that the lives of 18 people sacrificed in the Great June Uprising are for no purpose, and we are still living in a state of delirium.

Agitations may lead somewhere and get finalized in the chamber of a top politician, it is in the grapevine that many ‘leaders’ are seen holding files and running around the secretariat area. Some may protest, whether it is pseudo-participation or committed involvement. But, a total participation means reciprocation from the masses like the June uprising and not just by a singular body or few organizations alone. The song by Bob Marley which goes, “ You can fool some people some time , but you can’t fool all the people all of the time,” goes a long way in shedding light to the entire episode of problematic events and some do shout, “Long Live Manipur.”

Leader Writer: Paojel Chaoba


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