Sanjenthong diversion violates Forest Act


IMPHAL, July 7: The People for Animal has stated that the construction of the diversion bridge at the Mongba Hanba forest is against the Indian forest Act and Supreme Court order passed on December 12, 1996.

The managing trustee of the PFA in a press release has stated that the construction of the diversion bridge will bring immense relief to school students, office goers and overall connectivity between the two districts.

However, it has also caused destruction of forest and natural habitat of the monkeys that have been living in the forest.

The monkeys are now disappearing despite the efforts of zoo staff and PFA volunteers. He further stated that it is necessary to preserve forest in order to save the environment.

He said there has been a communication breakdown between the State government departments, adding that there is need for a joint understanding before taking such important public work.

It is unfortunate the Forest Department has not been consulted on the matter, he said. It is also ironic that the Forest Department is busy celebrating Van Mahotsav instead of saving the forest, the statement said.

He stressed that Mongba Hanba forest is the lung of the Imphal and it is essential for the preservation of environment of the city. Destroying it will only affect the people of the city, said the managing trustee of PFA.



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