State BJP president likely to change in two-three days


Imphal, July 14: The rebel group within the State BJP has increased its lobbying for removing Thounaojam Chaoba from the post of the party president in New Delhi after the new BJP national president Amit Shah assumes charge. They are meeting Central leaders for removing the State party president, a source said.

The dissident leaders in Delhi have said that within two to three days, a final decision on removing the State party president will be taken.

The suspension orders issued by president Chaoba are not approved by central leaders of the BJP. About 14 dissident leaders are lobbying with national leaders for removing Th Chaoba from his post.

Chances of Chaoba’s removal from the post are high because the Central leaders have replaced the Tamil Nadu BJP president recently after party members of that State have held discussions with senior party leaders and the national president, said a source.

BJP Manipur Pradesh president Th Chaoba failed twice to visit Delhi after central leaders asked him to submit the expenditure report of the recent Lok Sabha polls. Some senior leaders have completed their preparations for selecting a new president of the State BJP in the near future, added the source.

Meanwhile, a Th Chaoba led team of four is in New Delhi to meet various NDA leaders.

He is also lobbying with national leaders to let him complete his tenure as the State party president till 2015.

According to a source, Th Chaoba is also lobbying with national BJP leaders to complete his tenure.

Allegations on the president include foisting his ideas on the party without the consent of past leaders in the last elections and other party activities, developing the State office on his own without consulting anyone, corruption and misuse of funds sanctioned by the party high command in the Lok Sabha polls etc, the source said.

70 percent of party members are in favour of removing the State party president. In such a situation, the centre leaders have not decided till date on whether he will be removed or not. However, a series of incidents indicate that a new president will be elected within two to three days, the source said.



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