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Tribal customary law and land use system have to be respected says ATSUM

KANGPOKPI, July 1: Strongly reacting against the re-drafting the MLR & LR Act All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur (ATSUM) today emphasized that just for the sake of development the government will not be allowed to act as per its whims and fancy while adding that tribal customary laws and land use system has to be respected.

Emboi Serto, president ATSUM lamented the government for re drafting the MLR & LR Act whereby the tribal ancestral land is being seen as land which can be bought and encroached by the government at its own will.

He further pointed out that in Moreh 3000 acres of land is being planned for construction of a new modern township.

The government policy of never consulting the HAC and the tribal people will not be tolerated noted Emboi Serto while adding that the New Land Use Policy implemented in Mizoram cannot be practice in Manipur and asked the government and every concerned authority to keep this important reminder in their mind.

In the meantime, the ATSUM leader wanted the tribal people to be very vigilant before adding that the Joint Forest Management and Reserved Forest Policy through which the tribal are paid some few lakh rupees is a hindrance to the ancestral land use system.

We must not be fool by some personal gain and compromise our rights added Emboi Serto.




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