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Writers must take the trouble to write more: Bimol Akoijam

IMPHAL, July 12: Dr A Bimol Akoijam, Associate professor, JNU speaking on a book release function has stated that writers, particularly of Manipur, must take the trouble to write more, so that it can help in shaping the public opinion which is an essential for a robust society. He was speaking on the release of Seram Neken’s ‘Writing Truth to Power’, which was released today by K Radhakumar Singh, Deputy Commissioner, Imphal West at the Literary Hall of Hueiyen Lanpao daily, Sega Road Imphal.

The book is a collection of articles that Neken have written for the Hueiyen Lanpao English edition. Published by Ashangba Communications, the book is the writer’s third publication.

Bimol Akoijam, said the role of newspaper in today’s modern world is immense, and moreover the columnist and writers have a challenging role to play in shaping public opinion. Columnist like Seram Neken writes with conviction touching on issues that need intervention at various levels. Writers, columnist and artists are public intellectuals who need to be appreciated. They have a larger role in reshaping the fragmented society of contemporary Manipur, he maintained.

N Ibungochoubi, Executive Editor of Manipur Mail, while introducing the book pointed out that writing column on newspaper is a critical engagement which requires effort and ability to sense the issues that have plagued the society.

In his address as the chief guest of the function, K Radhakumar appreciated Neken for being bold enough in speaking out the truth, related with issues that have ailed our society. He said, this is evidently reflected in Neken’s writings.

Thodam Imomacha Singh, a former radio broadcaster who presided the function congratulated the writer on his endeavor and suggested him to keep up the good effort.




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