AMSU wails teachers’ irregularity in Jiribam school


JIRIBAM, August 3: The AMSU unit of the Jiribam Higher Secondary School held a press meet at the office of AMSU District Committee, Jiribam today. 

Addressing the media, president of the unit Kh Tiken Meitei complained that although the 2014 academic session is already midway, the teachers have covered only two-three chapters in all subjects. 

He said there are 40 teachers in the school, but on most days, not more than 20 teachers attend the school.

It is hard to believe that the teachers would be able to cover the whole syllabus before the end of the session, he said before adding that it would only harm the students. 

So, the AMSU unit of the school is appealing to the irregular teachers to be regular and to try completing the syllabus of their subjects in time before the exams, he said. 

In case the teachers fail to do so, the teachers would be held accountable for any outcomes during the time of examination, he continued. 

Meanwhile, general secretary Jealoungam Rongmei expressed before the media that the punctualities of teachers’ attendance in accordance to the school timing is also very low. 

They come according to their own timings, he said before declaring that such teachers who cannot even understand the importance of punctuality have no rights to enter the school. 

The student leader further continued that there are also many shortcomings in the school. 

He elaborated that during the time of admission, students are charged magazine fees, games and sports fees, library fees among others, however, such facilities are not provided in the school. 


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