Construction work at Sanjenthong running far behind schedule

Sanjenthong Construction
Sanjenthong Construction

IMPHAL, October 16: Even though construction of the Sanjenthong is running far behind schedule, despite the State government`™s repeated assurance to complete it before the Sangai Festival, the government seems to be going ahead with preparations for the festival.

Repairing work has begun along the road stretch from Advance Hospital to Thumbuthong which presently acts as one of the major connection point between the twin Imphal districts, since the Sanjenthong was closed down for reconstruction.

Speaking to IFP, Rajeshwar, the contractor of the road repairing work said that the road stretch is 800 metres long with a width of eight metres from drain to drain.

He said repairing work of the road is undertaken 24×7 with 50 labours and heavy machineries engaged.

There is a strong instruction from the government to complete the work before the Sangai festival, he said before expressing confidence that the work will be completed before Nigol Chakkouba.

Meanwhile, it is also learnt that most of the labours who had left for the Durga Puja and Eid festivals are yet to return to their work site at Sanjenthong which is hampering work progress.

Officials had earlier informed that the labours would start returning by October 7, however only 23 labours have returned in the past three days. 30 more labours are expected to arrive tomorrow.

At the same time, a multipurpose crane which is supposed to unload debris from the Old Bridge and fit girders is said to be stranded at Maram since the past one month.

It is learnt that the master cylinder of the crane`™s brake has been damaged.

It is also leant that components of the bridge made in India have arrived while the important parts to be used to attach the girders and sustain the suspension cables will be exported from France.

Nevertheless, reassembling the parts in India will take another one month, sources said.

Workers present at the work site have also speculated that considering all the hindrances, the construction of the bridge could be completed in another four months.

Meanwhile contrary to all the work undertaken, Rajeshkumar, principal secretary, Tourism Government of Manipur has informed that the State government is yet to decide on the venue for the Sangai festival.


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