PREPAK calls for unity in rising day message


IMPHAL, October 8: The proscribed outfit People`™s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak has greeted the people of the land, member parties of the CorCom, other revolutionary outfits of the region on the occasion of its 37th rising day.

A statement signed by its chairman N Nongdrenkhomba appealed to all to strengthen the unity between the people and the revolutionary groups. No revolutionary movement can be successful without unity, it said.

The main issue at hand for the people of the land is to work for unity among the people and to bring the revolutionary outfits under a common leadership, it said.

It further called for the revolutionary outfits to understand the pulse of the public and work accordingly.

Further elaborating on the need to promote unity in the land, it said people of all communities should not forget that we are all brothers and sisters and should be able to forgive one another`™s mistakes.

Today, the people of the land are facing abuse at the hands of the occupational forces, it said.

The Indian colonialism has today created such a rift among the indigenous population of the land that it has started to create cracks in the unity of the land, it claimed.

Under the guise of SoO/ Peace talks, the Indian government is creating communal feelings among the organizations, it continued.

It said India has been trying to subjugate the revolutionary movements in the North Eastern region. The main reason for this was the strengthening of revolutionary movements by the Nagas, Mizos, Tripuris and Manipuris, it continued.

Even today, India is unable to have faith in the people of the region, it said.

The message also said that the continued imposition of the draconian AFSPA is not only an act of violating human rights but a symbol of India`™s racial discrimination.


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