PREPAK (Pro) greets on its red army`s 37th rising day


IMPHAL, October 8: The outlawed People`™s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (Progressive) has greeted the people of Manipur on the 37th rising day of its red army.

A message signed by chairman, L Paliba Meitei also greeted its martyrs, leaders of the Corcom, revolutionary parties of WESIA region, well-wishers and the civil societies.

In the statement, the outfit reiterated the need for retaining sovereignty of Manipur from the clutches of Indian colonialism.

It said the attainment of sovereignty is based on certain democratic values and principle, in which there are equal responsibilities and duties for all indigenous peoples of Manipur.

The statement continued that there is need for building a new identity of Kangleipak, based on sound economic policy, facing the onslaught of globalisation policies at the same time, and also taking part in the global race for development.

It said the once prosperous nation of Kangleipak has been exploited by Indian colonialism, thereby instilling suspicion and hatred among the ethnic communities of Manipur. The colonial design has also injected the venom of dependency among the people, into its social and political value systems, it said.

It further came down heavily on the political leaders, and charged them of exploiting the people for their electoral gains, and those who have become MLAs and ministers only to amass huge personal wealth.

To win election, the political leaders are encouraging illegal migrants to settle in various parts of Kangleipak, so that the migrants in turn become a major chunk of their vote bank, the statement said.

It further said that the present political leaders have been enfeebled by their political masters of Indian colonialism.

The political leaders are shameless and selfish, who does not think for the betterment of Kangleipak. They have been using the highways of Manipur as their political tool, for their vested interest. Though India might have succeeded in ISRO`™s mission to Mars and making nuclear bombs, but ironically the colonial honchos have failed to maintain the highways of Manipur, maintained the statement.

Furthermore, the statement alleged that Manipur University has become a hot bed for earning contractual profits. It said that a few well-established teachers, under the colonial scholarship, have been trying to use education as `ethnic bomb`™, which is unfortunate.

`Outsiders`™, who have come to Manipur, have become the `market maker/actor`™ of the Ima Keithel in particular and the larger economy landscape in general. They (outsiders) have come only for the purpose of exploiting the market of Manipur, who does not have an iota of concern for the welfare of the Manipuri nation, added the statement.

It continued that the State secretariat department, which is the administrative command, has its political and administrative string attached to the Indian colonial system. And till today, the Indian political leaders have not showed any respect to the 13 years democratic struggle of Irom Sharmila against the Armed Forces Special Powers Act.

The statement said that the nature of a few police commando officers is highly questionable, as far as their conduct and integrity are concerned. It said that it is a well-known fact that some officers are involved in contract and supply works, gathering wealth beyond their known source of income. It has also questioned, by killing whom the gallantry awards are being conferred to the police officers.


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