Cabinet resolves to acquire Yaithibi Loukon for Sports University


IMPHAL, November 14: The State Cabinet has given its green signal to acquire the 442.27 Acres land of 44 Yaithibi Khunou Village, under Thoubal District for instituting National Sports University. Further, 400.631 Acres land of 60 Laijing and 59 Kakching under the same district will also be acquired for instituting an Industrial Zone.

The Cabinet meeting was held today evening at 4 pm.

According to a statement, the spokesperson of the government, M Okendro, who is also the minister of CAF & PD pointed out that Yaithibi Khunou under Thoubal District, is the first choice of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, government of India. He said that of the total area of 442.72 Acres, the area of pattaland is 376.2, and whereas 66.07 acre is khasland.

The statement said, under the same district, the Cabinet has decided to establish a Special Econimic Zone at Kakching Khullen, instead of constructing a Tiber Park, considered earlier.

The minister continued that the Cabinet has given approval on giving direct cash payment to Old Age Pension Scheme beneficiaries, under the Social Welfare Department.

There are 45,905 beneficiaries of the said scheme in the State, of which Rs 200 pension per month are provided to female above 55 years and male above 60 years, it added.

Further the minister also pointed out that under the Ministry of Rural Development, the Indira Gandhi Old Age Pension Scheme provide pension to 68, 653 beneficiaries to those who are between 60 to 79 years of age with Rs 200 per month, and Rs 500 to those above 80 years of age, said the statement.

Earlier the under the guideline of the Finance department of the government of Manipur, bank account of the beneficiaries were opened with the supervision of the Social Welfare Department.

But it was found that there have been some discrepancies regarding ‘duplicate’ beneficiaries among the pensioners, for which verifications are going on. Moreover, the pensioners because of their age face inconvenience going to the bank, it said.

The Cabinet has also decided to shift the office of Imphal Municipal Council nearby the Lamphel Super market area. This is in view of the congestion that is being faced in the present location at Kangla Pat, the statement added.


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