Chin State chief minister requests visa on arrival at Moreh


IMPHAL, Nov 14: Chief Minister of Manipur, O Ibobi Singh has invited the Chief Minister of Chin State of Myanmar to visit Manipur for the Sangai Festival from November 21 to 25 with a composite official, trade, cultural and sports delegations, said a reliable source.

Ibobi has also assured that for all the 38 member delegation, passports of 20 are under preparation, and all have requested visa-on-arrival while crossing the border by road at Moreh for whole delegation.

They had communicated that issuing of visas at Mandalay may not be possible so they said it would be extremely convenient if arrangements were made to issue them visas on arrival at Moreh.

Alternative, they requested for entry into India on the strength of border permits first and then be issued proper visas at Imphal, added the source.

According to the source, the Chin State of Myanmar CM has agree to visit Manipur and asked for smooth entry into Manipur as guest of the state.

It is worth mentioning that in the last edition of Sangai Festival the Chief Ministers of Mandalay and Sagaing divisions of Myanmar, along with many delegations participated.


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