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Sharmila questions people’s silence against AFSPA

IMPHAL, November 1: Irom Chanu Sharmila today questioned the silence of the people against the continued imposition of the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958.

Upon her arrival at the Imphal Tulihal Airport following her appearance before a Patiala Court in Delhi spanning two days, the anti-AFSPA crusader demanded how the people who have suffered much due to the draconian Act continue to suffer silently.

Sharmila touch down at the Tulihal Airport in Indigo Flight no 127 around 11:16 am amidst a tight security arrangement.

Speaking to media persons, Sharmila said there are many victims of the Act in the State. Security forces, who are given sweeping impunity under Act, have committed severe human rights violations like torture, harassment, rape and killing, she added.

She said she continue to demand complete repeal of the Act from the State.

However, a collective effort is needed to realise the demand to repeal the Act, she said before declaring that her effort alone is not enough.

Sharmila also came out strongly against the public leaders of the State including the Member of Parliament charging them of remaining oblivious to the grievances of the people.

She also expressed apprehension that the army seem to have an upper hand over the government although we have a democratically elected government.

Although living in a democratic country, the people of the North Eastern region are not enjoying their rights living under the draconian AFSPA, Sharmila said.

She also asked why the Justice Jeevan Reddy Commission report on AFSPA has not been made public till date.



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