Zeliangrong expedition


IMPHAL, November 24: The Zeliangrong Citizens`™ Forum (ZFC) has said that the Zeliangrong Ancestral Land Expedition, 2014 captioned `Treading on the Historical Legacy`™ which is a sequel to the Homecoming to Makuilongdi-2012 and organised jointly with the Zeliro Adventure Club (ZAC) was fagged off from Tening Town, Peren District, Nagaland on November 20.

According to a release of ZFC, the bikes expedition team performed the `Unitree`™, a Banyan tree plantation at the Tri-junction near Ngam 3 roads of Lalong, Hangrum and Asalu, Assam to mark the symbol of the Zeliangrong Inpui people`™s unity led by President of Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN) Raitu Chawang. The adventure aimed at promoting a sense of brotherhood among Zeliangrong Inpui and other close ethnic connection, it said.

The expedition team on bikes started from Tening town and passed through Njauna, Nagaland, Magulong, Manipur, Mount Kisha`“Magulong Lalong, Hangrum, Assam, Laishong, Halflong, Ramgaijang, Silchar, Ramgaizang, Makoi, Tousem, Barak-waterfalls, Zeilad lake, Namtiram, Haochong, Phalong and Longmai (Noney).

The expedition team`™s journey will end at Longmai, Tamenglong district on November 30. The ZCF and ZAC also invited all the interested Zeliangrong youths to participate in the closing journey day of the expedition, it said.


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