Irabot`s 77th Chinga Session commemorated


IMPHAL, December 30: The 77th Chinga Mifam Numit was observed today by Irabot Foundation Manipur at Manipur Press Club.

Prof N Joykumar of Manipur University speaking at the observation said that studying history helps in understanding the present. In the same context, it is important to understand the work and ideology of Hijam Irabot was a pioneer of social movement in Manipur.

He continued that people started studying Irabot`™s ideology by the late 1970s. Chinga Session which took place in the year 1938 is a landmark political movement initiated by Irabot, which envisaged a new political system for Manipur, he said.

Social activist, Dr Dhanabir Laishram who also spoke during the observation pointed out that the movements which took place between 1904 to 1930s in Manipur namely Thoubal movement, Kongjai Lal, Jadonang`™s struggle and the Nupi Lal under the leadership of Irabot were all anti-colonial movements.

But what is remarkable about Chinga Session is the political impetus given by Irabot that without a political ideology and a political organisation, social movement cannot move forward, he said. Irabot was someone whose ideological commitment was unquestionable, he added.

Further he maintained that in the present context of Manipur, either ideological understanding or commitment for a cause is lacking among the social organisations, which is the root cause of their degeneration.

He suggested that such observation should be organised at historical site of Chinga area where the said Session took place.

Phulindro Konsam, chairman of Committee on Human Rights Manipur said that one important contribution of Irabot was his ability to organise people from different parts of the State to bring about a new social and economic reform.

One of the main resolutions taken during the Chinga Session was to defy the feudal dominance of the then King, and that people should elect their own leader to form a government, he added.

President Poirei Leimarol Meira Paibee Apunba Lup, L Memchoubi Leima, president All Manipur Women`™s Volunteer Association, Y kunjarani, vice president of Irabot Foundation Manipur, Kh Nisikanta and Chairman Committee on Human`™s Rights Manipur Phunindro Konsam, Prof N Joykumar and Dr Dhanabir Laishram were the presidium members.

Meanwhile the All India Trade Union Congress celebrated the concluding ceremony of Platinum Jubilee of Chinga Meepham, at Irawat Bhawan today. As a part of the function a book entitled, `New Liberal Thousil Amasung Labor Reforms was also released.

State secretariat member CPI/MSC Langol Iboyaima, general secretary, AITUC, Manipur L Sotinkumar, former Principal of DM College of Sciences, G Tomba Sharma, Head of Economics Department, Thoubal College Dr N Deven and Secretariat member CPI B Sharma attended as presidiums members of the ceremony.


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