`Dog Bite Cells opened up in all districts, 2860 dogs vaccinated`


IMPHAL, January 15: Chief medical officers of all districts have been alerted to open dog-bite cells and report if there are any cases of dog-bites to prevent the outbreak of rabies prevalent in Churachandpur at present, Health Services director Okram Ibomcha said.

Regarding the recent cases of dog-bites in Churachandpur district, the highest number of cases is recorded in New Lamka, while reports from Tipaimukh and Henglep are yet to come. At the same time, medical officers have been alerted through the police to report any cases brought to their health centres, he told a select group of media persons at the Health Directorate Office this afternoon.

It is also learnt that most dog-bite victims are in the age group of 25 years and below he said.

The director said that collaborative work has been being taken up with the Veterinary department and vaccinating 2860 dogs so far ever since the outbreak in Churachandpur.

Rabies is hundred percent fatal and 100 percent preventable and we are taking extra protection by making sure that the vaccine is available at all times, he said.

Officially since October 2014 till present 270 cases of dog bites are registered in the health centers of Churachandpur. The report comes out after a detail survey conducted by Medical Directorate and National Health Mission, Manipur, he asserted.

There is a growing need of public awareness in Churachandpur expressed the director.

`With 11 deaths claimed to be from rabies. In the case of rabies epidemic outbreak even the Cat needs to be vaccinated. One should take precaution even after a Rat bite,` he said.

The rabies vaccination has five doses and proper line listing of patients has been done for vaccination at present. Residential details are maintained to follow up the patients. A 24 X 7 Dog Bite Cell is open at Churachandpur District Hospital, he continued.

Dr Ibomcha also expressed that if a person is bitten by Dog the injured area needs to be washed for 15 minutes. Betadine Ointment, Spirit and even Alcohol could be used for killing the germs from the infection. Cleaning of the infected area should be done continuously for seven days.

370 Vaccines are stored in Churachanpur District Hospital at present with 270 patients under vaccination.

The director also appealed the public not to rely on traditional healers as there is no herbal cure for rabies.


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