NPO celebration calls for Naga unity


KANGPOKPI, February 15: Celebrating the unique cultural facade by the 16 tribes of Nagas of Manipur, Lui-Ngai-Ni festival hosted by Naga People Organization was organized today at Senapati Public Ground.

Traditionally the festival is to invoke the blessing of the creator on the seed crops by showing devotion through folk dances, songs and rituals and to reawaken their past glorious and values for their years to come.

Since the `seed sowing festival`™ is collective to all the Naga tribes and celebrated simultaneously during the onset of spring, it was christened `Lui-Ngai-Ni` in 1987.

L. Dikho, MLA 48(ST) Mao was the chief host of the event while Nagaland minister of Social Security & Welfare Kiyanilie Peseyie was the chief guest, Chandel MLA ST Nunghlung Victor was the guest of honor.

Special invitees include Zomi Council chairman LB Sona, Hmar Inpui president Dr. John Pulamte, Naga Hoho president P Chuba Ozukum, NSF president Tongpang Ozukum, speaker of UNC, ATSUM officials, women`™s union, chief headmen and other dignitaries.

The main highlights of the celebration were folk songs, cultural dances from various tribes such as Poumai, Inpui, Anal, Kharam, Zeliangrong, Chiru, Moyon, Mao, Lamkang, Maram, Chothe, Thangal, Maring, Tangkhul, Tarao and Mongsang.

In his presidential address, UNC president Gaidon Kamei asserted that the socio-cultural and ethno-political unity and solidarity inspires a common future.

So, in spite of the absence of completely identical cultures, dialects, belief system existing among the Naga tribes of Manipur and elsewhere, we have immense commonality in those aspects, he added.

He also urged the Naga community to work for unbending unity in true spirit of their cherished and common political aspiration and hope, which will keep stirring their aspiration.

He further plead that to ponder about our adversaries which hiss out venom of separatism, groupism, self-interest expressed it against the oneness of the Naga family while appealing that `let us stand firm lest our adversaries get a upper hand over us`.

Perhaps as we are in midnight`™s watch at this juncture, waiting for the dawn for which we have been looking forward to, the UNC president said.

He further shared the hope for `early solution to the decade-old Naga political problem in time bound manner with the political will under the new political dispensation in Delhi under the dynamic and able leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In his concluding message he urged the people to strengthen the unity and let Lui-Ngai- Ni celebration inspire everyone afresh and make it more vibrant.

Kiyanilie Peseyie prayed that the leaders sow the best seed and reap the harvest in abundance with the blessing of Almighty from the people of peace and unity.

He urged the Nagas to join hand and look forward for future by building peace, unity and prosperity in the motherland and by forgetting the bad stories of the past.

He reminded the leaders of Nagas of Manipur that the outside people cannot bring change but only by themselves can bring the change through hard work, which always have a reward in manifold.

In solidarity message from LB. Sona, President, Zomi Council, he brings the regards from all the Zomi tribes which is scattered all over Northeast States and petitioned that `the seed of unity, prosperity and brotherhood`™ must be sowed in the Naga tribes.He manifested his appreciation to UNC for maintaining the society in harmony and unity and plead that UNC continue to work for the society and keep unified.

In the words of the Speaker of Naga Hoho `Silver or gold I have none, but what I have is many brothers and sisters living together in this beautiful land. We are one, I`™m proud of you. Our traditions, culture, rich attires, food habits, dances, folktales, music are all same and interwoven.`

He claimed that the festival theme `Sowing good will, reaping understanding` is the most relevant theme in the present context.


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