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The rocking chair

By RK Lakhi Kant

Chair at a furniture shop
makes me imagine what if
I have one of my own.
Easy chairs, would you allow
me to be comfortably seated;
a nervous start begins your
rocking movement, every time
someone sits on you.
Why aren`t you accommodating
like other seats which don`t
move unnecessarily.
I do not know your mind;
I feel you are benevolent,
somehow making me sure
you can keep me seeking
the slow pace of mind I desire.
Do you recognize that
I will grow older and
my breath mild and
sitting on you would be
a risk to take.
Soon as I near you these
considerations call for caution.
The insecurity gives me
reason to keep moving
elsewhere in my house
without any anxiety.
Lively alternatives in
otherwise drab households.
Like an artist at rest
with the world moving around;
symbolized by new thoughts,
a current, living realities;
igniting a deliberation.
You wait patiently for
someone to sit on you
to enjoy the presence
of thinking minds.
I too would like the
company you get
in this way – warm intellect.
Creativity thrives in
your repose.
There`s some magic in you
which makes me
feel comfortable even
in discomfort.
While on you I
can`t listen to music
and tap my feet in rhythm;
which is unlike other chairs.
In this way you dissuade
me from worldly entertainment.
Transport me in your motion.
In your rocking
you never move any
distance yourself, but
persuade me to discover
and experience the
limits of eclectic composition
and poise.
I do need a well wisher like you;
my friend in life.



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