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Get-together for former Mahila leaders held to strengthen BJP in state

IMPHAL, April 10: The get-together for former Mahila leaders of BJP was held at the BJP office today in order to strengthen the party.

Addressing the Function Th Chaoba president BJP Manipur Pradesh said that Hills ADC election is the BJP`™s opportunity to open an account for the party in Manipur politics.

He said he attended the national executive meeting recently at New Delhi chaired by BJP president Amit Shah, and the latter emphasised on the BJP winning a lion`™s share of the seats in the upcoming ADC election.

He also met with various other national leaders of the BJP and all confirmed that Amit Shah will be visiting Imphal for two days specially for ADC election and will meet various hills leaders.

He appealed to the people to help the BJP win so new changes and developments can be brought to the state. He said that if the BJP has maximum seats, the devolution of power to the ADC members will be fully realised with the help of the Central government.

The Congress government has totally corrupted the last ADC and developmental funds for hills have all been misused, he said. If ADC seats are retained again forcibly by the Congress, the votes of the public will be rendered meaningless, he added.

The ADC election will be the first step for BJP success, he said, adding this will be followed by victory in Municipal Council election and then the 2017 Assembly election.

He appealed to the public to not disturb the ADC election and to choose public own leaders wisely. He said the BJP Mahila has a very vital role in the hill districts. He suggested the next women conference of the party be held in a hill district.

Adhikarimayum Sarda Devi said unity and strength is very important for the BJP and in this women have a big part to play. She said BJP women leaders from the beginning confronted various state issues and problems. In the past BJP women leaders fought drug smuggling and peddling as well as various gender crimes in state.

In a state where draconian laws like AFSPA are implemented, widows and half widows whose husbands have gone missing, victimised by the black laws are routine.

Sarda said that like previous leaders the present president of Mahila Morcha is also highly educated and is also ready to confront various problem of state issue. Even though BJP has no single MLA or MP in the state the party is in power at the Centre, she said proudly.

The Central leaders have directed our responsibility as BJP workers to perform in the state. The team of BJP Mahila are going to monitor whether Central schemes are fully implemented or not, whether they reach the people or not, she said.

The survey report we write will be submit to the Central government in the interest of Manipur people, Sarda said.

In the keynote address, Laisharam Boby Devi general secretary organisation Manila Morcha said that today`™s get-together of women leaders is to unite the BJP women and to remind them of the contribution they can make to state issues.



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