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TNL charges agent of selling off Ukhrul kerosene quota in Imphal

IMPHAL, April 13: `SK oil allocation for UKhrul district has been repeatedly sold in Imphal depriving the citizens of Ukhrul district for months` alleged Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) President, V. Weapon Zimik during a press meet at Press Club today.

After repeated complaints, the matter is now in the High Court of Manipur.

Zimik said `ZV. Napolean Oil Agency authorized workers namely Horleng Zimik and Jotin Sharma from Uripok Huidrom Leikai are responsible for siphoning of the SK oil. The loss is 12 KL in November 2014, 12 KL in December 2014 and 12 KL in January 2015.`

According to him, the first formal complaint for no distribution of SKO by the ZV Napolean Oil Agency for three months, was submitted to the Additional Secretary CAF&PD, GoM on January 6 by TNL.

`But instead of rectifying the anomaly, the department allocated another 24KL in January 2015, and only half of this actually reached the district again,` he lamented.

`TNL resubmit another complaint to the Additional Secretary CAF&PD, GoM on 31/1/2015, bringing the malpractice to his notice with details of vehicle numbers etc, but while we anticipate prompt action against the defaulting agency, we were shocked to learn of another fresh allocation in their agency`™s name this month,` he added.

`Acting on public complaint TNL had also made a submission to the Deputy Commissioner of Ukhrul. Following which the Deputy Commissioner had written to the Director, CAF&PD for further investigation into the complaint and to initiate necessary action including registering FIR against the culprits as deemed fit` he said.

`Subsequently the department has initiated enquiry against the two culprits and a case in this regard is also pending in The High Court of Manipur. But overlooking all this ongoing enquiry, another allocation of 36 KL has been issued in ZV. Napolean Oil Agency in April. Who will ensure accountability this time?` he remarked.

`If the concern department continues to ignore public grievances, we will be compelled to forward our complaint to Union Ministry of Petroleum and even file PIL` he stated.

ZV. Napolean Oil Agency is one of the two agencies for the Ukhrul district. Allocation dated April 9, sanctioned 100 KL which should be ideally distributed to meet the prescribed ration of four litres per card holder per month to consumers in Ukhrul.



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