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`No retribution by AR even after gruesome ambush at Paraolon`

IMPHAL, June 10: The ambush by heavily armed insurgents, near Paralon village in Chandel district on June 4 last led to 18 soldiers of 6 DOGRA being martyred and some soldiers also being injured.

A press release of PRO IGAR (S) said the ambush was violently countered by the personnel of 6 DOGRA, killing at least two militants and injuring others. The escaping militants were pursued and reserve columns rushed in to block their routes of exfiltration, towards the Indo Myanmar border.

It further said that there have been concerns expressed by various segments of the civilian society advising the Indian Army against retributive violence. There have also been reports that the locals had vacated the area fearing reprisals from the Assam Rifles. Four villagers who had gone hunting unaware of the ambush were reported by the media as having gone missing due to Security Forces operations in the area.

It clarified that it is far from true because there has been no retribution of any kind and these persons have finally returned safely. Hence, fears about retribution are unfounded and unnecessary. The Security Forces are aware of their responsibilities towards the civilian population and contemplating such a course of action is against the ethos of the Armed Forces. The Indian Army is, and will always remain, a people`™s army, working ceaselessly for the safety and security of the people. All counter insurgency operations of the Army are intelligence based surgical operations causing minimal inconvenience to the people, it said.

In the current operation too, in spite of severe provocation and highly agitated emotive state of the soldiers, care was taken not to round up or otherwise trouble villagers. The operation was focussed only on pursuit of the fleeing terrorists without exposing civilians to danger. The villagers are advised to return and live peacefully. To reinforce this spirit of friendship and to provide necessary immediate support, Assam Rifles will be organising medical camps and will also be taking other measures to help ameliorate the hardships that these innocent civilians were exposed to, due to gruesome acts by insurgents operating from Myanmar, it said.



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