State police yet to receive report of post ambush Army operation


IMPHAL, June 11: Even as media reports emanating from Delhi claim 15 or more underground cadres killed during the ongoing Army operation conducted along the Indo-Myanmar border in the aftermath of the June 4 ambush in Chandel district, the State police has not received any official report from the Army about the casualties inflicted in the operation so far.

According to reports gathered by IFP from the District Police Headquarters of Ukhrul, Chandel and Churachandpur districts which border Myanmar, none of the Army units engaged in the special operation have provided any official report to the State police on the operation or casualties inflicted during the operation.

Moreover, not a single dead body of underground cadres believed to be killed in the operation have been handed over to the concerned police stations so far, according to the reports.

Meanwhile, a reliable source said the massive operation launched by the Army in the wake of the deadly ambush is going on in earnest.

Transportation of Army personnel equipped with modern sophisticated weapons in helicopters to the strategic points and remote areas in Ukhrul, Chandel and Churachandpur districts bordering Myanmar has also started.

Additional Army personnel have been sent to join in the operation after they were brought by helicopter up to Khongtal area in Chandel district today, sources said.

However, there has been no claim from the side of the Army on the exact number of casualties on the side of UG outfits during the ongoing operation although media reports emating from New Delhi had claimed on June 9 that several UG cadres (the number varying from 15 and more) were killed during the operation inside Myanmar territory.


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