General public must not get cooed by false promises `“ Kh Joykishan


IMPHAL, 31 August: Youth are the pillar of society for every community said former MLA Thangmeiband A/c Khumukcham Joykishan Singh during the formal function of unveiling of foundation stone ceremony of New Building Construction site at Duipauakdung, Tarung Village of Langol Tarung Youth Club today.

Unveiling of foundation stone of the youth club was held today in the morning after which a formal function was held at the Tarung Community Hall. Former MLA expressed that the general public of the area must not fall pray of false promises of the social workers in the name of politics.

Kh Joykishan on the other hand said that he pledged to work for the development of his constituency and his commitments are always fulfilled to bring development in his constituency.

He assures to start construction of the Youth Club building by November 2015 reasoning that the loose soils will not able hold foundation of the building. He said his commitment for the construction will not go wasted and will complete the building with the purview to maintain quality construction.

Thangmeiband former MLA further mooted that youth generation acts as bridge to the gaps in the society and plays an important role in the uplifting and development in the society as whole. He said that youth as future generation should not be cooed on false promises and get misled by some social worker in the name of politics.

He lastly assures to restore the deteriorating road condition before the Christmas celebration for proper connectivity within the Tarong Village


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