No time frame set for taking back body, JCILPS clarifies


IMPHAL, August 11: The Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit (JCILPS) in a press meet held late this evening categorically clarified that there is no question of taking back the body of late Sapam Robinhood.

Convenor of the JCILPS, Khomdram Ratan told mediapersons at Sagolband Meino Leirak that there was a prior notice sent to the JCILPS from the State government`™s side to talk over the position of the ILP Bill which was consequently held on Monday.

He said that the government also wanted members of the Robinhood JAC to be present in the talks.

This was communicated by the JCILPS to top members of the JAC Robinhood, that they should send two representatives to join the JCILPS talks with the government, he said.

Ratan asserted that they had waited for the members to communicate with them, but till the very last instance, there was no response from the JAC side.

Having left with no option, the 14 member JCILPS team went to meet the Chief Minister and the other State representatives, he continued.

In the meeting, the issues of the Bill along with other priorities were discussed including releasing of the arrested students.

`We had agreed in principal, to take back the body of late Robinhood, however there was no timeframe fixed for that, we said that the family members of Robinhood, the JAC and the opinion of the public will be sought before finalizing anything,` he said.

Clarifying again to the media regarding the confusion of this issue of taking Robinhood`™s body, Ratan further mentioned that the decision was not taken in totality as consent will be taken from concerned quarters still.

But, it was just a primary step during the talks, he added.

Regarding the scheduled second round of consultation with the government over the pending Bill, he said unless the government fulfills the primary objective of releasing the imprisoned students, there is no chance of the JCILPS members meeting the government on Wednesday afternoon.

He also mentioned that the JCILPS was not able to proceed to the Robinhood JAC call as there was a slight miscommunication.

The JCILPS had intimated to the JAC that they should come and share their thoughts with them, he said.

However, after some time, the JAC had responded that the JCILPS should come to Khurai Lairikyengbam Leikai instead.

As the proposed talks with the government are scheduled for tomorrow, the JCILPS were also mulling over the 5-point demands to be put in the ILP bill and technical experts were also being consulted, he said.

As the matter was a serious one with limited timingin hand, the JCILPS could not proceed to Khurai immediately, he clarified.

But, some leaders had went to Khurai afterwards. As they arrived, there were no sign of a proper discussion and the JAC members were not present, he said.

The situation was also flared up as the JCILPS team arrived and the womenfolk had already started blocking the road, he informed.

Due to this situation and some from the crowd telling the JCILPS members to come in the morning, they took heed of the suggestion and left.

He assured that talks will be held tomorrow with members of the JAC to facilitate transparency and clear the doubts.


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