ZYF appeals to tribal representatives to be cautious


IMPHAL, August 28: The Zeliangrong Youth Front (ZYF) has appealed to all the tribal people representatives who are elected from the hill districts to be very cautious enough in case of any issue which may affect the interest of the tribal is brought up in the State Assembly or in any platform.

According to a statement signed by president of ZYF Titus Kamei, the tribal people representatives in the Manipur Legislative Assembly who are the members of the `Hills Areas Committee` shall be solely responsible if any matter contrary to the wishes of the people is passed in the State Assembly.

It is the trust of the tribal people that their representatives who are elected by the people do not consider themselves too powerless or incompetent to fight the rights and interest of the tribal people. The unresponsiveness nature of the tribal people representatives should not be the factor to reduce the entire tribal people as insensitive people therefore any move or decision if taken in their presence which may affect the tribal people Constitutional rights, sentiments and interest will not be acceptable but strongly opposed, it said.

Time has come particularly for the tribal people representatives and the tribal populace in general to exercise their wisdom in order to save the future of the tribal people therefore mute spectators despite their presence in the situation should not be the reason to deprive the tribal people legitimate rights.

The best way for the tribal people representatives to protect and safeguard the rights and interest of the tribal and to stand solidarity with their people in case of any serious issue is to express their opinions and views loud and in clear terms in any situation, the statement said.


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