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Reolutions adopted

IMPHAL Sept 5: Resolutions of the all tribals consultative meeting on the present political issues held at Tribal Research Institute on the three recent Bills.

After exhaustive discussion on the three bills, the 150 members present have resolved the following five points.

Since the three Bills will invariably affect the hill areas of Manipur and the interest of the tribals and the bills were deliberately not referred to the Hill Areas Committee despite the provisions of Article 371 (C) as well as Rules of Procedure and conduct of business of Manipur legislative assembly, the members unanimously opposed the three infamous Bills.

In view of the deliberate and gross violation of Article 371 (C) of Indian Constitution and Rules of Procedures, the members hereby resolved to present a memorandum to the President of India, the Prime Minister of India and the Governor of Manipur with request to reject the three bills.

It was also resolved that in respect of the action taken and resolutions adopted by the JAC of the eight martyrs during the post Bill agitation, the members present also resolved to endorse the decisions taken by the JAC, Churachandpur.

The cowardly act of deliberately not objecting or opposing the passing of the three bills by the Hill Areas Committee members is considered as an act of betrayal to the tribal people and hence the members unanimously condemned the dastardly act of betrayal the 20 MLAs. The members also insist that they should all resign immediately.

The members also resolved that in order to achieve our objective we will unite and commit ourselves to pursue our objectives with sincerity and determination by launching peaceful non-violent democratic way of agitation without inciting communal violence in any form or manner.



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