Thangmeiband United Club and Bazaar Board meet to forge understanding on ILP issue


IMPHAL, September 16: The restrictions placed on movements of non-locals in the Thangmeiband are has been revoked after the Manipur Assembly passed the three bills to restrict continued influx of migrants into Manipur.

There is longer any restriction of movement of non-locals in Thangmeiband Kendra said S Brojendro, President United Club.

He was speaking at a press conference after a consultative meeting between Bazaar Board members and Thangmeiband Kendra United Club this evening.

He further said that ILPS is directed at controlling the influx outsiders and in particular foreigners.

He further said that it is just a regulation system and not prohibition of entry altogether.

He said if there had been untoward incidents during the recent two months of agitation for ILPS, they were the handiwork of fringe elements and not the intention of those spearheading the movement at all.

It is appealed to all communities in the state to look to co-existing peacefully in Thangmeiband Kendra that in future to resolve any problem through dialogues.

Meanwhile, Ashok Bhai, President Agarwal Samaj said that there no pressure has been put on his community in connection to ILPS till today.

Yes, there were rumor being spread in other state that non-local were being assaulted in the agitation for ILPS, but these are totally baseless and unfound, he added.

He further said that some labourers did go away but there has been no exodus as rumoured.

Every problem can be discussed and resolved on a common platform to bring about amicable resolutions, he further said.

It is very clear that no non-locals were assaulted in the Bazaar area during the agitation.

He appealed to all communities to live together amicably and ensure peace in the state.


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