Tribal organisations condemn newly passed bills as anti-tribal


Imphal, September 1: The All Tribal Students`™ Union Manipur has said it is appalled and perturbed by the `unbecoming militarisation of State forces in Churanchandpur.`

It has further condemned the `State sponsored terrorism` claiming that nine persons were killed and more than 20 injured in the course of random indiscriminate firing.

`ATSUM will fight any oppressive force to crush genuine democratic expressions,` it said.

`The social anarchy arising for, introduction of ILP in Manipur vis-à-vis the mobility and policing of the state forces does not match when taken into consideration the furiousness and irresponsibility of the State forces,` it claimed.

It is very unfortunate that all tribal MLAs were brain washed by the majority representatives on a sound pretext that the two bills have nothing to do with the Hills areas.

`It is not that we are against introduction of any bill in the Assembly that benefits the valley people but ours is simply to protect and safeguards the provisions enshrined under Article 371C of the Constitution of India,` it claimed.

`Any bill that infringes or overlaps our guaranteed rights is a doom. To this end, the HAC have made known by this Union ahead of time.

As such, ATSUM demands HAC to make their stance very clear or else they shall be held responsible for the entire calamity that befalls on the tribals.

Governor has been earnestly prayed to secure the proper functioning of the Hill Area Committee and not to give his assent for approval of bills passed in the Assembly as it infringes the rights of the minorities it said.

The ATSUM once again gives a clarion call to all the Tribal brethren to rise up and stand firm in unison for whatsoever circumstances in the offing said the release issued by Mikah Kamei secretary Information and Publicity ATSUM.

From Our Kangpokpi Correspondent: Naga People Organization general secretary D Dailord Pao said `All the three bills passed during the `Special Session`™ on August 31 were targeted against the tribal`™s of Manipur by the alleged communal government`,

He said that in case of any eventualities or consequences arising out of these three bills, the tribal sitting ministers and MLAs should be held solely responsible.

Naga civil society organizations including NPO, SDWA and SDSA had a joint consultation meeting along with other civil organizations in the district with eminent personalities, ex-officials of frontal organizations at the district Head Quarters today and deliberated the matter relating to Manipur Legislative Assembly Special Session of August 31.

The joint meeting vehemently condemned the Manipur Legislative Assembly act of passing the bills namely the Protection of Manipur People Bill, 2015; The Manipur Land Revenue & Land Reforms (Seventh Amendment) Bill, 2015 and Manipur Shops & Establishment (Second Amendment) Bill 2015.

The meeting also condemned MLA K Ranjit for his statement, `There is no Nagas in Manipur` in the August house said D. Dailord Pao while adding that it is very unfortunate for the stature of People representative to give such unbecoming statement in the house.

The joint meeting also demanded MLA Ranjit to withdraw his statement publicly and tender apology to the Naga People of Manipur through media added NPO General Secretary.

The Naga civil society organizations also condemned the death of tribals`™ youth in Churachandpur yesterday night.

The United Naga Council (UNC) has also claimed that the three bills passed on August 31 are anti-tribal Bills and drastically condemned it.

`Such bills are only in the interest of particular community and not in general interest`, the UNC said in its press statement.

The UNC also condemned the killing of seven persons and injuring many in Churachandpur in the strongest terms.

It also said that the present turmoil triggered by anti-tribal government has proven the fact that, the tribals and majority community cannot live together and that, force union of the two different entities has reaped more division and hatred among the different communities of the State.

Therefore, the UNC reiterates by its statement that, the Tribals in Manipur seeks `peaceful parting` and `live as peaceful neighbors`™ to achieve harmony and peace.

The UNC also directly attacked the irresponsible statement of MLA K. Ranjit of Sugnu constituency who declared in Manipur Assembly that, `There are No Nagas in Manipur`.

Such provoking and communal statement of an elected member truly endorses the same language of valley based civil bodies, MLAs and social leaders who has been vocally propounding that, civil war and bloodshed between among the people is imminent, the UNC said.

The UNC warned that, any consequence and eventualities of the statement made by such communal MLA will be sole responsibilities of the same and Manipur government.

Seeking the immediate intervention of the Center Government into the present law and order situation of Manipur particularly CCpur incident, the UNC blamed the State Government for creation of present political and social unrest in the State.

It mentioned that, the rights of the Tribals cannot be diluted in any form during the arrangement made for particular community at the expense of the Tribals.

The UNC will uprightly protect the interest of the Tribals at any cost and that, the communal force of the State Government will not be allowed to undermine the people`™s interest, it said.


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