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JSCC locks administrative offices of four schools

IMPHAL, October 19: The Joint Students Coordinating Committee (JSCC) today locked the administrative blocks of Nirmalabas High School, St Joseph`™s School, Litter Flower School Imphal and Zenith Academy against the schools`™ failure to comply with the committee`™s appeal to charge only 30 percent school fees for the month of July and August.

The appeal was made considering the closure of educational institutes in the valley districts during the said period in the wake of ILP agitations in the State.

Speaking to media persons, JSCC media coordinator Manjit Saranghtem said the administrative blocks of the private schools have been locked after the schools authorities failed to comply with the committee`™s repeated appeal.

At the same time, he said, some schools have complied with the appeals for deduction of school fees and teachers`™ salaries for the said months.

He reiterated the committee`™s appeal to school authorities to refund the fees for the month of July- August, if they have already collected the same.

He said government schools are not made mandatory to follow the appeal as the school month fees collected there is considerably low as compared to the private schools.



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