KSO Sadar Hills irked by deplorable drainage system


KANGPOKPI, October 8: Kuki Students`™ Organization Sadar Hills today expressed its irksomeness towards the laxity of the State government and concerned department over the decrepit drainage system along the Trans Asian Highway No.1.

Lamcha Chongloi, general secretary, KSO Sadar Hills said that most of the drainage system along the Trans Asian Highway are in a crumbling state leading the rain water to flash over the highway rendering unutterable misery to the people during rainy season.

The derelict drainage system along the highway within Hengbung village is the nastiest that forced the rainwater from the drain of Hengbung `“ Beleijang PMGSY road overflow over the highway and subsequently flashed over Hengbung Govt. High School where it silted large quantity of mud that even resulted in the closure of the school, added Lamcha Chongloi.

He further said that it is the frequent misery witnessed by the school on every heavy rainy day, which badly affects the students`™ career.

We had already enlightened the Addl. Chief Engineer, PWD National Highway, Govt. of Manipur over the issue and highlighted the various hardships, and misery encountered by the student community said Lamcha Chongloi while adding that we also request him for construction of pucca drain as the earliest to avoid further siltation to the school by the rainwater.

However, taking no notice of the student`™s miseries the concerned department has done nothing so far, alleged Lamcha Chongloi.

While expressing the student body irksomeness towards the concerned department and the state Government`™s inattention of the student community Lamcha Chongloi said that he same misery and incident has been witness again by the student of Hengbung Govt. High School due to the heavy rainfall for the past 2/3 days.

We once again implore the PWD National Highway to set off into action without dithering a minute in the interest of the student community and urged the state Government to promptly initiate appropriate measure at the earliest appealed Lamcha Chongloi.

Meanwhile, the student body also warns that if the concerned department and state Government still neglected their plea they will resort to any form of agitation to draw attention of the government.


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